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Rivera Marketing Strategies

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Rivera Marketing Strategies is a marketing consulting firm and its sole purpose is to guide business owners and organizations to the best marketing techniques available in the market. More than a consultant, we are strategists. Meaning my marketing strategies are uniquely designed according to your needs and goals for your business. A strategist can save you time and money by either consulting you or being your marketing liaison who can implement the plans for you; while you can continue to stay focused on running your business. A full-time marketing consultant salary can be between 40k to 100k a year nationwide; which makes contracting an outside consultant unaffordable or simply unpractical for their business needs. Whereas, Rivera Marketing Strategies is affordable and accessible to small and large businesses without the hassle of needing to hire a full-time marketer. Hiring an outside consultant means just that, you don’t have to pay for their equipment, office space, lunch hours, vacation time, benefits, and the lost time at the water cooler. Which means you’re paying for a marketing professional who not only consults but executes the strategies using research, experience, and expert instinct to engage with potential customers and enhance business opportunities on an as- needed basis.