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Mountain-Pacific Quality Health
560 N. Park Ave. Ste. 200
Helena, MT 59601
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Chief Executive Officer
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Mountain-Pacific Quality Health

about us
Mountain-Pacific Quality Health Foundation is an affiliation of four related corporations dedicated to improving the quality of health care and assuring the most appropriate utilization of health care services.

Mountain-Pacific is a physician-sponsored organization that first began partnering with providers, practitioners and patients in 1973. With almost four decades of expertise, dedication and service, the staff at Mountain-Pacific supports the citizens, providers and health care communities of Montana, Wyoming, Hawaii and Alaska.

A portion of what we do revolves around our work under the direction of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). In this capacity we serve as part of a network of quality improvement organizations that operate locally to improve health care nationally?supporting providers, practitioners, patients and other stakeholders to achieve better care and better population health and to lower health care costs through quality improvement.

As part of our contract with CMS, we are committed to making good health care even better by

*Engaging providers and bringing evidence-based best practices to the bedside to achieve rapid, wide-scale improvements in patient care;
*Empowering patients to take an active role in managing their own health;
*Encouraging collaboration among providers and other community stakeholders that leads to the exchange of ideas, experience and expertise to address national goals with the flexibility to respond to local needs.