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about us
Mergenthaler Transfer & Storage was started in 1933 by Arthur Mergenthaler as a 5 cent per stop grocery delivery service. The company prospered doing business as mainly a small package delivery service until the early 1950?s when it acquired a United States Postal contract. This contract propelled the business in a new direction. The company obtained a permit to conduct local cartage work and began delivering freight for Butte-Helena Motor Freight, Western Express and United Buckingham. During the late 1960?s the company purchased household goods authority and began offering intrastate and interstate moves, becoming an agent for United Van Lines in 1968. In 1972 Mergenthaler Transfer & Storage became a shareholder in United Van Lines which is a privately held company that is owned only by active agents working in the moving and storage business. In 1981 the company acquired contracts with a major telecommunications company to transport telephone installation equipment from Utah to various points in Montana. Today Mergenthaler?s Special Contracts Division serves Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Montana & Nevada. In April 1986 the company acquired general commodities authority for the forty-eight states and entered into the LTL (Less Than Truckload) freight business by opening a service center in Salt Lake City, UT. On the first day of LTL operations the company transported one shipment paying $29.50.