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Foundation for Animals

Animal Rescue
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The Foundation for Animals (formerly The Mikal Kellner Foundation for Animals) is a unique nonprofit foundation dedicated to addressing the critical needs of animals, both domestic and wild. The foundation provides financial assistance to well-managed projects that promote animal welfare, prevent animal suffering, and provide clear and explicit improvements for animals. The Foundation for Animals was established to celebrate and emulate the vision and commitment exhibited by Mikal Kellner of Helena, Montana. Mikal significantly altered her community's awareness of animal welfare issues. Among numerous achievements, she lobbied state government for animal-rights legislation; testified in many animal abuse cases; contributed other diverse services on behalf of creatures in desperate straits. Mikal Kellner was the 1989 recipient of the national American Veterinary Medical Association Humane Award. This award recognizes a non-veterinarian who has demonstrated exceptional compassion for the welfare of animals. The Foundation for Animals continues to mobilize and employ resources on behalf of animals. Established in 1989 as the Mikal Kellner Foundation for Animals. The Foundation changed from a Non-Profit Trust to a Non-Profit Corporation in 2006 and became The Foundation For Animals.