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Design - Fundamental to our work is appropriate design. Recognition of our work comes from a ground-up approach to meeting the goals of our clients. Whether a project is simple or complex, we do not set out to obtain design awards. Great design is a result of appropriate solutions to meet our clients' goals. Mission - Collaboration - Process is critically important to our work. Whether working with a university and a diverse group of stakeholders or collaborating within our office, we work as a team. Through collaboration, ideas are generated, tested, critically analyzed and developed into design solutions. Our clients are critical team players in this process, We like to think of ourselves as facilitators bringing creative ideas to the table. Service - We strive to reach the highest level of customer service possible. Period. We wouldn't survive as a firm if we didn't have this commitment. Every building project is an original work of art, not assembly line production. Inherent to this realization is that problem solving and ingenuity is fundamental. How we go about resolving these challenges defines us as professionals.