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Ability Montana

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Montana Independent Living Project (MILP) is a not for profit agency striving to support the development and expansion of community based services which directly facilitate independence, productivity and quality of life for people with disabilities. What is Independent Living? Independent Living can mean many things to many people, but for thousands of people, independent living simply means having equal access to the same opportunities as the rest of society. For people identified as having a disability, any set of circumstances should include their right to acquire and have access to: *Full physical and psychological independence as their disability allows, *Full participation in society, *Employment opportunities, *Independent living accommodations: an apartment or personal residence, *Personal political and religious preferences and inclusion, *Any and all forms of public transportation, and *All services provided by business, local, state and federal government agencies and services as specified by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). We work with and for others to ensure that consumers are able to live as independently in their own homes as they desire and have access to all necessary services that promote quality of life within their own residence and the greater community.