Mount Helena

Street Equipment Operator

City of Helena
Job Description
This position operates specialized automotive, road construction and maintenance equipment in addition to a wide variety of other power equipment and performs skilled street maintenance work. Independently and as part of a team, the incumbent will participate in all aspects of maintaining streets within the City of Helena including but not limited to sweeping, sanding, plowing, and repair. Essential Duties: These job functions are the essential duties of the position and are not all-inclusive of all the duties the incumbent may be assigned. Duty I: Vehicle and Equipment Operator 70%Time Essential Tasks: ? Maintain and operate equipment and vehicles including but not limited to large dump truck/snow plows and sanders, asphalt patch truck, water truck, utility truck, loader, sweeper, compaction equipment, jack hammer, chain saws, trimmers and compressor to clean, repair and maintain City Streets and alleys. ? Under supervision, may learn to operate other heavy equipment such as a motor grader. ? Perform daily pre-trip and post-trip inspections on equipment including but not limited to fueling, checking fluid levels, greasing machines, overall condition of machines and cleaning interior and exterior of trucks, equipment, machinery, tools etc. Required to build, maintain, and apply tire chains as traction devices on for use in the winter. ? Replacement of wear parts on snowplows, street sweepers, milling machine and other equipment as necessary. ? Responsible for street sweeping to remove leaves, dirt, small rocks, and other small debris from streets. ? Responsible for snow operations to include plowing and sanding streets in a timely and efficient manner. Duty 2: Street Maintenance and Repair 30% Time Essential Tasks: ? Asphalt crack sealing, skin patches, milling and overlay by using industry standards of asphalt pavement maintenance to correct any errors in the pavement surface. ? Pothole repair consisting of asphalt being poured into the holes and compacted with a hand tamper, car tire, or something that provides an even, level surface such as a roller. ? Grading dirt streets and alleys by cutting into the surface of the road with a grader and wind rolling the material to one side of the road then laying it back and compacting it to make a smooth road surface (performed under supervision). ? May be required to act as flag person (flagger) when needed. Essential Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Related to this Position: Knowledge of: • Material, methods, equipment, and the tools involved in the construction or repairs of streets and alleys, including their operation and safety measures. • Applicable machines and tools, including their designs, repair, and maintenance. • Relevant equipment, policies, procedures, and strategies to promote effective safety for the protection of people and property. Skill or ability to: • Operate pertinent equipment, and perform routine maintenance tasks, using a variety of hand and power tools; determine when and what kind of additional maintenance is needed. • Use a variety of hand and power tools. • Perform concrete work to include forming, pouring, and finishing. • Learn new skills or techniques needed to perform major duties, should new processes or technology become available. • Establish and maintain positive working relationships with City employees, supervisors, and the public. • Perform strenuous manual labor under adverse conditions when necessary. • Communicate effectively both verbally and in writing. Physical Demands: This position requires the ability to sit, stand, walk, kneel, crouch, stoop, squat, crawl, twist, climb, push, pull, lift 50 – 75 lbs., distinguish color, and wear protective apparel; exposure to cold, heat, outdoors, vibration, mechanical hazards, electrical hazards, and traffic hazards. The position also requires the ability to judge which of several objects is closer or farther away from you, or to judge the distance between you and an object. Safety Performs all functions in the safest possible manner and according to policies and procedures. Participates fully with safety trainings. Reports unsafe work conditions and practices, work-related injuries, illnesses, and near-misses as soon as possible to assigned supervisor. Minimum Qualifications (Education, Experience and Training): This position requires a minimum of a High School Diploma or equivalent and three to five years of experience in operating specialized heavy equipment, as well as a variety of construction and maintenance equipment. Other relevant combinations of education and work experience may be evaluated on an individual basis. License or Certificate: Must possess a valid Class B CDL with acceptable driving record at the time of hire.
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