Mount Helena

Mill Hand

Marks Lumber
Job Description
Summary: The Mill Hand position at Marks Lumber is a fast-paced, hands-on, entry-level manufacturing position. A high level of teamwork and attention to detail is required to be successful in this position. Organization: Reports to: Mill Supervisor Compensation: $19 - $23/hour or commensurate with experience. Duties: • Count and stack lumber using a forklift and wheel loader • Assist with operating and maintaining sawmill equipment • Sort and assist with grading of timbers, posts, light-framing material, and boards • Perform general maintenance of equipment when required • Other duties as assigned Job Specific Competencies: • Strong communication and people skills • Basic arithmetic skills– counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division • Safety Best Practices • Machinery operations and maintenance Qualifications: (Education requirements, work experience, and certifications) 1. High school diploma or equivalent 2. Equipment operations expertise and experience 3. Safe chain saw operating expertise and experience 4. Sawmill operations and maintenance expertise and experience 5. Extensive timber and lumber product knowledge Please email resumes to
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