Mount Helena

Police Officer

City of Helena
Job Description
Job Purpose Under general supervision and on varied shifts, performs a variety of duties involved in law enforcement including perform patrols, investigations, traffic controls, and specialized assignments; responds to calls for assistance; conducts preliminary investigations; locates and apprehends offenders; prepares reports; testifies in court and responds to medical emergencies. Essential Duties DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS: Performs general duty police work in the protection of life and property through the enforcement of laws and ordinances. Work normally consists of routine patrol, preliminary investigations and/or traffic control duties. Duties may involve personal danger and employees must be able to act without immediate supervision and exercise independent judgment in meeting emergencies. SUPERVISION RECEIVED Supervised by the Shift Sergeant or designee. SUPERVISION EXERCISED Limited supervision as dictated by assignment. EXAMPLES OF IMPORTANT AND ESSENTIAL DUTIES Patrol assigned areas on foot, bicycle, motorcycle, or in a radio-equipped car depending on assignment to preserve law and order, to prevent and discover the commission of crime, to direct traffic, and to enforce motor vehicle operation and parking regulations. Investigate reports of complaints involving fire, robberies, neighborhood disturbances, and other misdemeanors and felonies, which include securing crime scenes, conducting preliminary investigations, gathering evidence, and obtaining witnesses. Administer aid at the scene of automobile accidents, investigate accident by gathering information, interviewing witnesses, and preparing detailed accident reports. Interview person(s) with complaints and inquires to make proper disposition or direct to proper authorities. Interact with the public to provide general advice and information. Perform public and community relations services. Participate in regular training program in police methods, target practice and related subjects. Serve appropriate legal papers. Testify in court as a witness for the City of Helena regarding arrests and citations made. Write and input data into reports, logs, forms. OTHER JOB-RELATED DUTIES Perform related duties and responsibilities as assigned. SAFETY RELATED DUTIES: Abide by the City of Helena and department/division work practices established for specific job assignments and occupations. Report occupational injuries, illnesses and near misses immediately to supervisor. Follow supervisor instructions for obtaining first aid and/or medical attention. Participate in accident investigations as requested by the supervisor. Participate fully in safety training. Suggest improvements in safety training requirements or programs to supervisor or the safety committee. Identify unsafe work conditions and unsafe practices. Correct hazards or report them to the supervisor or safety committee as appropriate. Work Schedule Daily shift: varies Work schedule: varies Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Job Related and Essential Qualifications - Understanding of the occupational hazards and standard safety practices necessary in law enforcement. Excellent customer service skills. Basic mathematical principles. Basic English usage, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation. Demonstrated ability to: Comply, interpret, and follow policies and procedures. Act quickly and calmly in emergency situations. Observe and recollect details accurately. Work independently in the absence of supervision. Exercise sound professional judgment. Make effective decisions under pressure. Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing. Establish, maintain, and foster credibility and trust in the course of work. Demonstrate good moral character. Operate modern office equipment including computer equipment. Ability to learn to: Operate necessary tools and devices such as police vehicle, radio, radar gun, handgun and other weapons, baton, handcuffs, pager, phone, cameras, fingerprint materials, intoxilyzer, and flashlight. Interpret and apply the policies, procedures, statutes, ordinances, criminal laws, codes, investigative techniques, and regulations pertaining to assigned programs and functions. Use radio to communicate with dispatch. Determine the proper action to take when confronting humans who are agitated, under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, frightened, or injured. Prepare clear, complex, accurate and extensive reports. License and/or Certificate Requirements Must obtain a valid MT drivers license within six months of hire. Minimum Qualifications (Education, Experience, and Training): Experience and Training Guidelines: Education: High School diploma or GED certificate. Successfully complete basic course at MLEA or equivalent as designated by P.O.S.T advisory council or as determined by the Chief of Police. Hire is contingent on: Meeting all requirements for employment as required by the State of Montana law and the City of Helena. Satisfactory, successful criminal history screening, background investigation, and driving record check. Ability to pass entry-level police written examination and Montana Law Enforcement Academy physical agility test (MPAT). Satisfactory, successful mental health evaluation.
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