Mount Helena

Water/Wastewater Engineer

City of Helena
Job Description
Job Purpose: The purpose of this position is to plan, organize and supervise professional and technical engineering programs, especially in the area of water and wastewater treatment, wastewater collection and water distribution, for the Engineering Services Division; to administer municipal infrastructure design, planning and budgeting; and to administer assigned construction projects. This position provides highly responsible assistance to the City Engineer in management of the division. Essential Duties: The Civil Engineer supervises and participates in the preparation of plans, specifications, cost, and quantity estimates, and bid documents for assigned public works construction projects; implements assigned municipal infrastructure projects by establishing specifications and contract documents for bidding and construction; and manages and oversees assigned consultant contracts, master plans and capital projects. This position assists in directing, coordinating, and reviewing the work plan for the Engineering Division; meets with staff to identify and resolve problems; assigns work activities and projects to other engineering staff; monitors workflow; and reviews and evaluates work products, methods and procedures. Additionally, the Civil Engineer participates in initial project planning and project public meetings; develops and updates comprehensive master plans for municipal infrastructure; develops and maintains design standards and criteria; creates and presents presentations to Commission, other City committees and public meetings; and assists in developing and implementing changes to the City Engineering Standards and City Code. The position also reviews public & private plans for conformance with Master Plan objectives; reviews subdivision, amended plat, annexation and conditional use permit requires ensuring compliance with city and state laws; and reviews developer extension and expansion of municipal infrastructure to assure compliance with established engineering principles and comprehensive plan requirements. The Civil Engineer works with the respective superintendents and City Management to structure and implement capital improvement plans and budgets for water and wastewater treatment, wastewater collection and water distribution systems. The Civil Engineer ensures that capital budgets are implemented properly and in a timely manner through the use and contracting of outside consultants, and City Staff. Duty I: Develop Capital Improvement Budget and Plan for 4 departments (water and wastewater treatment, wastewater collection and water distribution) 20% Time Essential Tasks: ? Coordinate and work with public works management, departmental superintendents, and staff to develop capital project budgets. ? Identify and develop projects for integration into departmental CIP plans. ? Apply existing knowledge of City systems and engineering principles/practices to develop CIP and propose and assist with projects. Duty 2: Implementation of CIP/design, contracting and construction of capital projects 30% Time Essential Tasks: ? Coordinate with outside consultants and City Staff to determine allocation of resources to design, gain approval for and implement capital projects with an annual budget of roughly 15 million dollars. ? Design, obtain approval for, bid management, and construction management for capital projects done in-house exclusively with City Staff. ? Management of consultant contracts for the design, bidding and construction management of capital projects done using outside consultants. ? Management of construction management for capital projects designed by outside consultants. ? Grant writing, submittal, and oversight/management as needed to obtain assistance in capital projects. Duty 3: Ongoing troubleshooting and technical assistance for Utility Maintenance, Water and Wastewater Treatment Divisions. 15% Time Essential Tasks: ? Assist the Utility Maintenance, Water and Wastewater Treatment Divisions with ongoing technical assistance as needed. ? Use of engineering concepts and practices to remedy ongoing operational issues/problems. ? Use of engineering concepts in concert with engineering software to optimize utility/treatment operations and aid in technical troubleshooting. ? Provide engineering expertise in field, construction, maintenance, and repair situations to aid the respective departments. This would include submittal review, contract management, project management, and interaction with engineered product sales staff and contractors in the private sector. Duty 4: Development Review 20% Time Secondary Duties Tasks: ? Review submitted development plans and design reports for compliance with applicable City of Helena Codes, and Engineering and Design Standards. ? Review submitted development plans and design reports for compliance with applicable State and Federal Engineering and Design Standards. Interaction with state and federal regulatory agencies. ? Review submitted development plans and design reports to ensure adequate capacity for integration to City infrastructure including computer modeling of water distribution and wastewater collection systems. Duty 5: Design, implementation and execution of engineering reports, plans and studies 15% Time Secondary Duties Tasks: ? Work with public works management, and departmental superintendents, and staff to identify needs for engineering and planning studies for the respective departments and engineering staff. ? Develop detailed scope and budgets for planning and engineering studies identified. ? Work with and coordinate City staff, outside consultants, water and wastewater treatment staff and utility maintenance staff to perform studies and reports. Manage project scope and budgets and financial oversight. ? Grant writing, submittal, and oversight/management as needed to perform studies. Essential Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Related to this Position: Knowledge of: • The field of Civil Engineering as it relates to water and wastewater treatment, wastewater collection and water distribution. • Budgets and budget planning. • Rules, regulations, and regulatory agency processes. • Grant writing and administration. • Application of institutional knowledge related to the City of Helena water and wastewater treatment systems, water distribution and wastewater collection systems. Skill or ability to: • Read, design, and interpret engineered construction plans. • Read, write, and interpret engineering reports and studies. • Perform, read, and interpret complex math and modeling analyses. • Meet specific deadlines and navigate regulatory processes. • Prepare compliance reports and assist with legal issues. • Write grants and obtain assistance for city projects and studies. • Operate and trouble shoot engineering modeling, design, and data compilation software. • Troubleshoot and provide technical assistance with City water and wastewater systems. Physical Demands: Ability to sit, stand, walk, kneel, crouch, stoop, squat, crawl, twist, climb, push, pull, and lift 50 lbs., distinguish color, and wear protective apparel; exposure to cold, heat, noise, outdoors, vibration, chemicals, explosive materials, mechanical hazards, electrical hazards, and traffic hazards; ability to travel to different sites and locations; availability for shift work, on-call, stand-by, and emergency call as assigned. Safety Performs all functions in the safest possible manner and according to policies and procedures. Participates fully with safety trainings. Reports unsafe work conditions and practices, work-related injuries, illnesses, and near-misses as soon as possible to assigned supervisor. Minimum Qualifications (Education, Experience and Training): This position requires a minimum of a B.S. Civil Engineering from an accredited college, 4-6 years of experience as an Engineering-in-Training, passing both the Engineer-in-Training and Professional Engineering Licensure tests.
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