Mount Helena

Stormwater Engineer

City of Helena
Job Description
Job Purpose: The purpose of this position is to, supervise, administer and coordinate the City of Helena storm water compliance activities under the regulated small municipal separate storm water system permit. The position oversees the coordination and implementation of the city of Helena storm water management program through: infrastructure plan reviews and approvals; storm water inspections; and development of and assessment of Best Management Practices (BMPs) to attain control runoff, infiltration, treatment, and system management of storm water under the maximum extent practicable standards. The incumbent will coordinate various program components with other city divisions and staff whose activities impact the municipal storm water system. The position performs a variety of leadership, program management and technical tasks relative to assigned area of responsibility and pursuant to and in support of the goals and objectives of the Division. Essential Duties: These job functions are the essential duties of the position and are not all-inclusive of all the duties the incumbent may be assigned. MS4 Storm Water Management Program: The position will be responsible for developing, revising, implementing and coordinating a storm water management program and related components on an annual basis to comply with the requirements of the City of Helena MPDES MS4 permit. The plan will consist of program management elements and activities to comply with six minimum control measures included in the permit such as: Public Education and Outreach; Public Involvement and Participation, Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination; Construction Site Management, Post-construction storm water management for new Development and Redevelopment, and Pollution Prevention-Good Housekeeping for municipal operations. The position serves as the central point of contact for the program and the city’s compliance with the applicable MPDES permit requirements. New Infrastructure and Development Review: The position will be responsible for reviewing and approving new development and redevelopment plans to meet the requirements for storm water quality protection including provisions for storm infiltration and low impact development techniques, construction and post construction BMPs application, use to protect storm water quality and discharge and any other relative applicable codes. Direct and coordinate the development review process for the engineering department, which will include developer extensions to the existing water, sewer, drainage and street systems of the City to assure compliance with established engineering principles and comprehensive plan requirements. . The position advises, recommends and designs projects to be included in the Comprehensive Capital Improvement Program for Helena. Construction Storm water Permitting, Inspection Program and Post Construction Storm water management: The position will develop and implement a construction storm water management and inspection program to ensure consistency with MS4 requirements and proper application of construction and post construction BMP’s to protect the quality of the storm water entering and leaving the municipal storm water system. The position will oversee and develop engineering design standards and criteria to ensure orderly post-construction storm water control and management meets public safety, and overall storm water quality meets established storm water discharge objectives. Engineering Design, Project Management and Support Services: Serve as Project Engineer in the design, planning, specification writing, bidding, construction management, contract administration, and review of a wide range of Public Works projects; ensure construction complies with codes and specifications. Review public and private plans for conformance with Master Plan objectives. Create, develop and implement the design of major stormwater, water, sewer and street construction Capital Improvement Program projects for the health and safety of city residents; and administer and monitor capital improvement program budgets. Coordinate assigned services and activities with those of other divisions and outside agencies and organizations. Provide staff assistance to the City Engineer; prepare and present staff reports and other necessary correspondence. Develop and update comprehensive master plans for stormwater system to allow for orderly development. Develop and maintain design standards and criteria for city utilities. Identify opportunities for improving service delivery methods and procedures; review with appropriate management staff; implement improvements. Participate in budget preparation and administration; prepare cost estimates for budget recommendations; monitor and control expenditures. Participate in the initial planning of projects to be proposed and assist in establishing schedules and budgets. Essential Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Related to this Position: Knowledge of: • Operational characteristics, services, and activities of a comprehensive engineering, surveying, mapping, design, construction and inspection program. • Engineering, surveying, mapping, design, construction and inspection principles and practices. • Equipment and materials used in engineering, surveying, mapping, design, construction and inspection. • Civil engineering principles, concepts, standards, and practices associated with public works programs and projects. • Principles, practices, and methods utilized in preparing designs, plans, specifications, estimates, reports, and recommendations relating to municipal utilities and proposed public works facilities. • Occupational hazards and standard safety precautions necessary in the area of engineering construction. • Principles of budget preparation and control. • Principles of supervision, training, and performance evaluation. • Pertinent Federal, State, and local laws, codes, and regulations. • Modern office practices, methods, and computer equipment. • Principles and procedures of record keeping and reporting. Skill or ability to: • Operate modern office equipment including computer equipment. • Operate a motor vehicle safely. • Manage and coordinate the work of professional and technical personnel and consultants involved in various engineering, surveying, mapping, design, and construction and inspection activities. • Select, supervise, train, and evaluate staff. • Analyze problems, identify alternative solutions, project consequences of proposed actions, and implement recommendations in support of goals. • Interpret and apply the policies, procedures, laws, and regulations pertaining to assigned programs and functions. • Read, interpret, and apply technical information from manuals, drawings, specifications, layouts, blueprints, and schematics. • Prepare and maintain accurate and complete records; Prepare clear and concise reports; and Prepare and administer budgets. • Respond to requests and inquiries from the general public. • Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing. • Establish, maintain, and foster positive and harmonious working relationships with those contacted in the course of work. Physical Demands: Ability to sit, stand, walk, kneel, crouch, stoop, squat, crawl, twist, climb, push, pull, and lift 50 lbs., distinguish color, and wear protective apparel; exposure to cold, heat, noise, outdoors, vibration, chemicals, explosive materials, mechanical hazards, electrical hazards, and traffic hazards; ability to travel to different sites and locations; availability for shift work, on-call, stand-by, and emergency call as assigned. Minimum Qualifications (Education, Experience and Training): This position requires a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with major course work in civil engineering or a related field. This position requires 5 yrs of responsible civil engineering experience.
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